Production Oriented Labour Laws

Production Oriented Labour Laws

EPZA is vested with the responsibility to the administer labour laws for all enterprises of the Zone

Law forbids formation of nay labour union in EPZs. Strike within the zones prohibited.

An EPZA emergency medical centre is functioning in KEPZ to provide medical care to zone labour.

Labour cost

  • Unskilled US$ 87 per month
  • Skilled US$ 145 per month approximate
  • Managerial US$ 500 above per month

Working hours

  • 8 hours per day/48 hours a week
  • Short breaks for tea, lunch and prayers shall be allowed.

Epza Karachi

  • Information technologies based industry
  • Precision engineering
  • High value garments
  • Gem & jewelry

Epza Sialtok

  • Surgical
  • Sports goods
  • Leather goods

EPZA Risalpur

  • Warehousing/ Trading
  • Furniture
  • Engineering industries

Epza Gujrawala

  • Light engineering/consumer durables