One Window Service

One Window Service

The Authority is providing one window service to the investors. The processing and final approval of an investment proposal takes about two weeks. All procedures, formalities including sanction of a project, provision of utilities and commencement of import/export are handled within the Zone.

All applications for import/export authorizations/gate passes are received before 1.00 P.M noon and returned duly completed to Facilities Division (EPZA) reception desk which may be collected by factory's representative on the same day by 8:00 P.M.


Epza Karachi

  • Information technologies based industry
  • Precision engineering
  • High value garments
  • Gem & jewelry

Epza Sialtok

  • Surgical
  • Sports goods
  • Leather goods

EPZA Risalpur

  • Warehousing/ Trading
  • Furniture
  • Engineering industries

Epza Gujrawala

  • Light engineering/consumer durables